Interlinear Bible Ezekiel 7:20-27

20 'They transformed the beauty of His ornaments into pride, and they made the images of their abominations and their detestable things with it; therefore * I will make it an abhorrent thing to them.
~'t{b][w{t#st08441 yem.l;c.w .Wh'm'f !w{a'g.l w{y.d,[ yib.c.W ? ~,h'l wyiT;t.n !eK -l;[ w{b .Wf'[ ~,hyec.WQiv ? h'Din.l
21 'I will give it into the hands of the foreigners as plunder and to the wicked of the earth as spoil, and they will profane it.
#,r'a'h#st0776 ye[.vir.l.W#st07563 z;b'l ~yir'Z;h -d;y.B#st03027 wyiT;t.n.W ? 'hUl.Lix.w l'l'v.l
22 'I will also turn My face from them, and they will profane My secret place; then robbers will enter and profane it.
yin.Wp.c -t,a .Wl.Lix.w ~,hem y;n'p yitw{Bis]h;w ? 'h.Wl.Lix.w ~yicyir'P H'b -.Wa'b.W
23 'Make the chain, for the land is full of bloody crimes and the city is full of violence.
~yim'D j;P.vim#st04941 h'a.l'm #,r'a'h yiK qw{T;r'h#st07569 hef][ ? s'm'x#st02555 h'a.l'm ryi['h.w
24 'Therefore, I will bring the worst of the nations, and they will possess their houses. I will also make the pride of the strong ones cease, and their holy places will be profaned.
~,hyeT'B#st01004 -t,a .Wv.r'y.w ~Iyw{g#st01471 ye['r yitaebeh.w ? ~,hyev.d;q.m .Wl]xin.w ~yiZ;[ !w{a.G#st01347 yiT;B.vih.w
25 'When anguish comes, they will seek peace, but there will be none.
!Iy'a'w ~w{l'v#st07965 .Wv.qib.W a'b -h'd'p.q
26 'Disaster will come upon disaster and rumor will be added to rumor; then they will seek a vision from a prophet, but the law will be lost from the priest and counsel from the elders.
h'[.Wm.v#st08052 -l,a h'[Um.v.W aw{b'T h'w{h -l;[ h'w{h ? d;ba{T h'rw{t.w#st08451 ayib'Nim !w{z'x#st02377 .Wv.qib.W h,y.hiT ? ~yineq.Zim h'ce[.w !eh{Kim
27 'The king will mourn, the prince will be clothed with horror, and the hands of the people of the land will tremble. According to their conduct I will deal with them, and by their judgments I will judge them. And they will know that I am the LORD.' "
yedyiw#st03027 h'm'm.v#st08077 v;B.lIy ayif'n.w#st05387 l'B;a.tIy .$,l,M;h ? ~'tw{a h,f/[,a ~'K.r;Dim h'n.l;h'BiT #,r'a'h -m;[ ? h'wh.y#st03068 yin]a -yiK .W[.d'y.w ~ej.P.v,a ~,hyej.P.vim.b.W