Interlinear Bible Ezra 7:25

25 "You, Ezra, according to the wisdom of your God which is in your hand, appoint magistrates and judges that they may judge * all the people who are in the province beyond the River, even all those who know the laws of your God; and you may teach anyone who is ignorant * of them.
yiN,m .$'dyib -yiD .$'h'l/a#st0426 t;m.k'x.K#st02452 a'r.z,[#st05831 .T.n;a.w#st0607 ? h'M;[ -l'k.l !yin]a'D !{w/h,l -yiD !yin'Y;d.w !yij.p'v ? .$'h'l/a#st0426 yet'D#st01882 ye[.d'y -l'k.l#st03606 h'r]h;n#st05103 r;b][;B yiD ? !.W[.dw{h.T [;d'y a'l yid.w