Interlinear Bible Genesis 32

1 And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him.
yek]a.l;m w{b -.W[.G.piY;w w{K.r;d.l .$;l'h b{q][;y.w ? ~yih{l/a
2 And when Jacob saw them , he said , This is God's host: and he called the name of that place Mahanaim.
~yih{l/a#st0430 hen]x;m ~'a'r r,v]a;K b{q][;y r,ma{Y;w ? ~Iy'n]x;m a.Wh;h ~w{q'M;h#st04725 -mev a'r.qiY;w h,z
3 And Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother unto the land of Seir, the country of Edom.
w'fe[#st06215 -l,a wy'n'p.l ~yik'a.l;m b{q][;y#st03290 x;l.viY;w ? ~w{d/a#st0123 hed.f#st07704 ryi[ef#st08165 h'c.r;a wyix'a
4 And he commanded them, saying , Thus shall ye speak unto my lord Esau; Thy servant Jacob saith thus, I have sojourned with Laban, and stayed there until now:
w'fe[.l yin{da;l !{t h{K r{mael ~'t{a w;c.y;w ? r;xea'w yiT.r;G !'b'l -mi[ b{q][;y#st03290 ]'k.D.b;[#st05650 r;m'a h{K ? h'T'[ -d;[
5 And I have oxen, and asses, flocks, and menservants, and womenservants: and I have sent to tell my lord, that I may find grace in thy sight.
h'x.piv.w#st08198 d,b,[.w !a{c rw{m]x;w rw{v yil -yih.y;w ? '$y,nye[.B !ex -a{ yin{da;l dyiG;h.l h'x.l.v,a'w
6 And the messengers returned to Jacob, saying , We came to thy brother Esau, and also he cometh to meet thee , and four hundred men with him.
.Wna'B r{mael b{q][;y#st03290 -l,a ~yik'a.l;M;h .WbUv'Y;w ? '$.ta'r.qil .$el{h ~;g.w w'fe[ -l,a '$yix'a -l,a ? w{Mi[ vyia tw{aem -[;B.r;a.w
7 Then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed : and he divided the people that was with him, and the flocks, and herds, and the camels, into two bands;
~'['h -t,a #;x;Y;w w{l r,ceY;w d{a.m b{q][;y#st03290 a'ryiY;w ? ~yiL;m.G;h.w#st01581 r'q'B;h -t,a.w !a{C;h -t,a.w w{Tia -r,v]a ? tw{n]x;m yen.vil
8 And said , If Esau come to the one company, and smite it , then the other company which is left shall escape.
t;x;a'h h,n]x;M;h -l,a w'fe[ aw{b'y -mia r,ma{Y;w ? h'jyel.pil#st06413 r'a.viN;h h,n]x;M;h h'y'h.w .Wh'Kih.w
9 And Jacob said , O God of my father Abraham, and God of my father Isaac, the LORD which saidst unto me, Return unto thy country, and to thy kindred, and I will deal well with thee:
yeh{laew#st0430 ~'h'r.b;a#st01 yib'a yeh{l/a b{q][;y r,ma{Y;w ? '$.c.r;a.l b.Wv y;lea rem{a'h h'wh.y#st03068 q'x.cIy yib'a ? .$'Mi[ h'byijyea.w '$.T.d;lw{m.l.W
10 I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou hast shewed unto thy servant; for with my staff I passed over this Jordan; and now I am become two bands.
r,v]a t,m/a'h#st0571 -l'Kim.W ~yid's]x;h l{Kim yiT.n{j'q ? !eD.r;Y;h#st03383 -t,a yiT.r;b'[ yil.q;m.b yiK '$,D.b;[ -t,a 'tyif'[ ? tw{n]x;m yen.vil yityIy'h h'T;[.w h,Z;h
11 Deliver me , I pray thee, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau: for I fear him, lest he will come and smite me , and the mother with the children.
-yiK w'fe[ d;Yim#st06215 yix'a#st03027 d;Yim#st0251 a'n yinelyiC;h ? ~yin'B -l;[ ~ea#st05921 yin;Kih.w aw{b'y -n,P w{t{a yik{n'a aer'y
12 And thou saidst , I will surely do thee good , and make thy seed as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.
yiT.m;f.w .$'Mi[ byijyea bejyeh 'T.r;m'a h'T;a.w ? rep'SIy -a{l r,v]a ~'Y;h lw{x.K '$][.r;z -t,a ? b{rem
13 And he lodged there that same night; and took of that which came to his hand a present for Esau his brother;
a'B;h -nim x;QiY;w a.Wh;h h'l.y;L;B#st03915 ~'v !,l'Y;w ? wyix'a#st0251 w'fe[.l h'x.nim w{d'y.b
14 Two hundred she goats, and twenty he goats, two hundred ewes, and twenty rams,
~Iy;ta'm ~yilex.r#st07353 ~yir.f,[#st06242 ~yiv'y.t.W#st08495 ~Iy;ta'm ~yiZi[#st05795 ? ~yir.f,[#st06242 ~yilyea.w
15 Thirty milch camels with their colts, forty kine, and ten bulls, twenty she asses, and ten foals.
tw{r'P ~yiv{l.v ~,hyen.b.W tw{qyinyem ~yiL;m.G#st01581 ? ]mir'y.[;w#st05895 ~yir.f,[ t{n{t]a h'r'f][#st06235 ~yir'p.W ~yi['B.r;a ? h'r'f][
16 And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by themselves; and said unto his servants, Pass over before me, and put a space betwixt drove and drove.
r,ma{Y;w w{D;b.l r,de[#st05739 r,de[#st05739 wy'd'b][#st05650 -d;y.B#st03027 !eTiY;w ? .Wmyif'T x;w,r.w#st07305 y;n'p.l#st06440[ wy'd'b][#st05650 -l,a ? r,de[#st05739 !yeb.W r,de[ !yeB
17 And he commanded the foremost, saying , When Esau my brother meeteth thee , and asketh thee , saying , Whose art thou? and whither goest thou? and whose are these before thee?
w'fe[#st06215 ]'k.v'G.pIy yiK r{mael !w{vair'h -t,a w;c.y;w ? .$elet h'n'a.w h'T;a -yim.l r{mael ]'k.lea.viw yix'a ? '$y,n'p.l h,Lea yim.l.W
18 Then thou shalt say , They be thy servant Jacob's; it is a present sent unto my lord Esau: and, behold, also he is behind us.
h'x.Wl.v awih h'x.nim b{q][;y.l '$.D.b;[.l#st05650 'T.r;m'a.w ? .Wnyer]x;a a.Wh -m;g heNih.w w'fe[.l yin{da;l
19 And so commanded he the second, and the third, and all that followed * the droves, saying , On this manner shall ye speak unto Esau, when ye find him.
yivyil.V;h -t,a ~;G#st01571 yineV;h -t,a ~;G w;c.y;w ? r{mael ~yir'd]['h#st05739 yer]x;a ~yik.l{h;h -l'K -t,a ~;G ? ~,k]a;c{m.B w'fe[ -l,a !.Wr.B;d.T#st01697 h,Z;h r'b'D;K ? w{t{a
20 And say ye moreover, Behold, thy servant Jacob is behind us. For he said , I will appease him with the present that goeth before me, and afterward I will see his face; peradventure he will accept of me.
.Wnyer]x;a b{q][;y '$.D.b;[#st05650 heNih ~;G#st01571 ~,T.r;m]a;w ? t,k,l{h;h#st01980 h'x.niM;B wy'n'p#st06440 h'r.P;k]a r;m'a -yiK ? a'FIy y;l.Wa wy'n'p h,a.r,a !ek -yer]x;a.w#st0310 y'n'p.l ? y'n'p
21 So went the present over before him: and himself lodged that night in the company.
a.Wh;h -h'l.y;L;B !'l a.Wh.w wy'n'P -l;[ h'x.niM;h r{b][;T;w#st05674 ? h,n]x;M;B
22 And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two womenservants, and his eleven * #ste sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok.
wy'v'n#st08147 yeT.v -t,a x;QiY;w a.Wh h'l.y;L;B ~'q'Y;w ? wy'd'l.y#st03206 r'f'[#st06240 d;x;a -t,a.w wy't{x.piv yeT.v -t,a.w ? q{B;y#st02999 r;b][;m tea r{b][;Y;w
23 And he took them , and sent them over the brook, and sent over that he had.
-r,v]a -t,a reb][;Y;w l;x'N;h#st05158 -t,a ~erib][;Y;w ~ex'QiY;w ? ]w{l
24 And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.
d;[ w{Mi[ vyia#st0376 qeb'aeY;w w{D;b.l b{q][;y ret\WiY;w ? r;x'V;h tw{l][
25 And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint , as he wrestled with him.
w{ker.y -p;k.B [;GiY;w w{l l{k'y a{l yiK a.r;Y;w ? w{Mi[ w{q.b'aeh.B b{q][;y .$,r,y -p;K [;qeT;w
26 And he said , Let me go , for the day breaketh . And he said , I will not let thee go , except thou bless me.
a{l r,ma{Y;w r;x'V;h#st07837 h'l'[ yiK yinex.L;v r,ma{Y;w ? yin'T.k;reB -mia yiK '$]xeL;v]a
27 And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said , Jacob.
b{q][;y r,ma{Y;w '$,m.V -h;m wy'lea r,ma{Y;w
28 And he said , Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed .
lea'r.fIy -mia yiK '$.miv dw{[ rem'aey b{q][;y a{l r,ma{Y;w ? l'k.WT;w ~yiv'n]a -mi[.w ~yih{l/a -mi[ 'tyir'f -yiK
29 And Jacob asked him, and said , Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said , Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.
'$,m.v a'N -h'dyiG;h r,ma{Y;w b{q][;y#st03290 l;a.viY;w ? w{t{a .$,r'b.y;w yim.vil l;a.viT h,Z h'M'l r,ma{Y;w ? ~'v
30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved .
yityia'r -yiK leayin.P ~w{q'M;h#st04725 ~ev b{q][;y#st03290 a'r.qiY;w ? yiv.p;n#st05315 lec'NiT;w ~yin'P -l,a ~yin'P ~yih{l/a
31 And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.
lea.Wn.P#st06439 -t,a r;b'[ r,v]a;K v,m,V;h w{l -x;r.ziY;w ? w{ker.y -l;[ ;[el{c a.Wh.w
32 Therefore the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank, which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day: because he touched the hollow of Jacob's thigh in the sinew that shrank.
dyiG#st01517 -t,a lea'r.fIy -yen.b .Wl.ka{y -a{l !eK -l;[ ? h,Z;h ~w{Y;h d;[ .$er'Y;h @;K#st03709 -l;[ r,v]a h,v'N;h#st05384 ? h,v'N;h#st05384 dyig.B b{q][;y .$,r,y#st03409 -p;k.B [;g'n yiK