Interlinear Bible Jeremiah 32:24

24 Behold the mounts, they are come unto the city to take it; and the city is given into the hand of the Chaldeans, that fight against it, because of the sword, and of the famine, and of the pestilence: and what thou hast spoken is come to pass; and, behold, thou seest it.
ryi['h.w#st05892 H'd.k'l.l ryi['h#st05892 .Wa'B tw{l.l{S;h#st05550 heNih ? yen.Pim 'hy,l'[ ~yim'x.liN;h ~yiD.f;K;h d;y.B#st03027 h'n.Tin ? h'y'h 'T.r;BiD#st01698 r,v]a;w r,b'D;h.w b'['r'h.w#st07458 b,r,x;h ? h,a{r '$.Nih.w