Interlinear Bible Jeremiah 3:2

2 "Lift up your eyes to the bare heights and see; Where have you not been violated? By the roads you have sat for them Like an Arab in the desert, And you have polluted a land With your harlotry and with your wickedness.
a{l h{pyea#st0375 yia.r.W ~Iy'p.v -l;[ .$Iy;nye[ -yia.f ? r'B.diM;B#st04057 yib'r][;K#st06163 ~,h'l .T.b;v'y ~yik'r.D -l;[ .T.l;GUv ? .$et'['r.b.W .$Iy;t.Wn.ziB#st02184 #,r,a yipyin]x;T;w