Isaiah 45:9-12 NIV

9 "Woe to him who quarrels1 with his Maker,2 to him who is but a potsherd3 among the potsherds on the ground. Does the clay say to the potter,4 'What are you making?'5 Does your work say, 'He has no hands'?6

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10 Woe to him who says to his father, 'What have you begotten?' or to his mother, 'What have you brought to birth?'
11 "This is what the LORD says-- the Holy One7 of Israel, and its Maker:8 Concerning things to come, do you question me about my children, or give me orders about the work of my hands?9

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12 It is I who made the earth10 and created mankind upon it. My own hands stretched out the heavens;11 I marshaled their starry hosts.12

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