Isaiah 63:1-6 NIV

God's Day of Vengeance and Redemption

1 Who is this coming from Edom,1 from Bozrah,2 with his garments stained crimson?3 Who is this, robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength?4 "It is I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save."5

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2 Why are your garments red, like those of one treading the winepress?6

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3 "I have trodden the winepress7 alone; from the nations no one was with me. I trampled8 them in my anger and trod them down in my wrath;9 their blood spattered my garments,10 and I stained all my clothing.

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4 For the day of vengeance11 was in my heart, and the year of my redemption has come.

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5 I looked, but there was no one12 to help, I was appalled that no one gave support; so my own arm13 worked salvation for me, and my own wrath sustained me.14

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6 I trampled15 the nations in my anger; in my wrath I made them drunk16 and poured their blood17 on the ground."

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