Jeremiah 14:7-11 NIV

7 Although our sins testify1 against us, O LORD, do something for the sake of your name.2 For our backsliding3 is great; we have sinned4 against you.

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8 O Hope5 of Israel, its Savior6 in times of distress,7 why are you like a stranger in the land, like a traveler who stays only a night?

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9 Why are you like a man taken by surprise, like a warrior powerless to save?8 You are among9 us, O LORD, and we bear your name;10 do not forsake11 us!

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10 This is what the LORD says about this people: "They greatly love to wander; they do not restrain their feet.12 So the LORD does not accept13 them; he will now remember14 their wickedness and punish them for their sins."15

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11 Then the LORD said to me, "Do not pray16 for the well-being of this people.

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