A Message About Moab

1 Concerning Moab: This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: “Woe to Nebo, for it will be ruined. Kiriathaim will be disgraced and captured; the strongholda will be disgraced and shattered.
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2 Moab will be praised no more; in Heshbonb people will plot her downfall: ‘Come, let us put an end to that nation.’ You, the people of Madmen,c will also be silenced; the sword will pursue you.
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    • À 48:2 - The Hebrew for "Heshbon" sounds like the Hebrew for "plot" .
    • Á 48:2 - The name of the Moabite town Madmen sounds like the Hebrew for "be silenced."
      3 Cries of anguish arise from Horonaim, cries of great havoc and destruction.
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      4 Moab will be broken; her little ones will cry out.d
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        • Â 48:4 - Hebrew; Septuagint "/ proclaim it to Zoar"
          5 They go up the hill to Luhith, weeping bitterly as they go; on the road down to Horonaim anguished cries over the destruction are heard.
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          6 Flee! Run for your lives; become like a bushe in the desert.
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