Jeremiah 51:33-36 NIV

33 This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: "The Daughter of Babylon1 is like a threshing floor2 at the time it is trampled; the time to harvest3 her will soon come.4"

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34 "Nebuchadnezzar5 king of Babylon has devoured6 us,7 he has thrown us into confusion, he has made us an empty jar. Like a serpent he has swallowed us and filled his stomach with our delicacies, and then has spewed8 us out.

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35 May the violence9 done to our flesha be upon Babylon," say the inhabitants of Zion. "May our blood be on those who live in Babylonia," says Jerusalem.10

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    • f 51:35 - Or "done to us and to our children"
      36 Therefore, this is what the LORD says: "See, I will defend your cause11 and avenge12 you; I will dry up13 her sea and make her springs dry.

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