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Joshua 21:16-26 (New International Version)

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16 Ain,1 Juttah2 and Beth Shemesh,3 together with their pasturelands--nine towns from these two tribes. 17 And from the tribe of Benjamin they gave them Gibeon,4 Geba,5 18 Anathoth6 and Almon, together with their pasturelands--four towns. 19 All the towns7 for the priests, the descendants of Aaron, were thirteen, together with their pasturelands.8 20 The rest of the Kohathite clans of the Levites were allotted towns from the tribe of Ephraim: 21 In the hill country of Ephraim they were given Shechem9 (a city of refuge for one accused of murder) and Gezer,10 22 Kibzaim and Beth Horon,11 together with their pasturelands--four towns.12 23 Also from the tribe of Dan they received Eltekeh, Gibbethon,13 24 Aijalon14 and Gath Rimmon,15 together with their pasturelands--four towns. 25 From half the tribe of Manasseh they received Taanach16 and Gath Rimmon, together with their pasturelands--two towns. 26 All these ten towns and their pasturelands were given to the rest of the Kohathite clans.17
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