This chapter contains the address of the Levites to the court, to have
the cities and suburbs given them according to the command of God by
Moses, \\#Jos 21:1,2\\; the grant of them by lot out of the several
tribes, \\#Jos 21:3-8\\; the particular cities out of the tribes of Judah
and Simeon are mentioned by name, \\#Jos 21:9-16\\; then those out of the
tribe of Benjamin, \\#Jos 21:17-19\\; next those out of the tribe of
Ephraim, \\#Jos 21:20-22\\; afterwards those out of the tribe of Dan,
\\#Jos 21:23-26\\; then those out of the half tribe of Manasseh,
\\#Jos 21:27\\; and out of the tribe of Issachar, \\#Jos 21:28,29\\;
and out of the tribe of Asher, \\#Jos 21:30,31\\; and of Naphtali,
\\#Jos 21:32,33\\; and of Zebulun, \\#Jos 21:34,35\\; and of Reuben,
\\#Jos 21:36,37\\; and of Gad, \\#Jos 21:38-40\\; which in all made
forty eight, \\#Jos 21:41,42\\; and the chapter is concluded with
observing, that God gave Israel all the land of Canaan, and rest in it,
according to his promise, very faithfully and punctually,
\\#Jos 21:43-45\\.

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