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Isaiah 30:14 KJV

14 And he shall break it as the breaking of the potters' vessel that is broken in pieces; he shall not spare: so that there shall not be found in the bursting of it a sherd to take fire from the hearth, or to take water withal out of the pit.

Study tools for Isaiah 30:14

  • a 30:8 - the...: Heb. the latter day
  • b 30:12 - oppression: or, fraud
  • c 30:17 - a beacon: or, a tree bereft of branches, or, boughs: or, a mast
  • d 30:20 - affliction: or, oppression
  • e 30:24 - clean: or, savoury: Heb. leavened
  • f 30:25 - high hill: Heb. lifted up, etc
  • g 30:27 - burden...: or, grievousness of flame
  • h 30:30 - his glorious...: Heb. the glory of his voice
  • i 30:33 - of old: Heb. from yesterday