Lamentations 1:17-22 NIV

17 Zion stretches out her hands,1 but there is no one to comfort her. The LORD has decreed for Jacob that his neighbors become his foes;2 Jerusalem has become an unclean3 thing4 among them.

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18 "The LORD is righteous,5 yet I rebelled6 against his command. Listen, all you peoples; look upon my suffering.7 My young men and maidens have gone into exile.8

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      19 "I called to my allies9 but they betrayed me. My priests and my elders perished10 in the city while they searched for food to keep themselves alive.

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      20 "See, O LORD, how distressed11 I am! I am in torment12 within, and in my heart I am disturbed,13 for I have been most rebellious.14 Outside, the sword bereaves; inside, there is only death.15

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          21 "People have heard my groaning,16 but there is no one to comfort me.17 All my enemies have heard of my distress; they rejoice18 at what you have done. May you bring the day19 you have announced so they may become like me.

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              22 "Let all their wickedness come before you; deal with them as you have dealt with me because of all my sins.20 My groans21 are many and my heart is faint."

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