2 Corinthians 8:16-24 LEB

Arrangements for Administering the Corinthians’ Gift

16 But thanks [be] to God, who has put in the heart of Titus the same devotion {on your behalf}a,

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    •   8:16 - Literally "on behalf of you"
      17 because he not only welcomed our request, but being very earnest, by his own choice he went outb to you.

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        • ¡ 8:17 - *Or "he is going out" (if this verb is understood as an epistolary aorist)
          18 And we have sent at the same time with him the brother whose praise in the gospel [has become known] throughout all the churches.
          19 And not only [this], but he was also chosen by the churches [as] our traveling companion together with this gift that is being administered by us to the glory of the Lord himself and [to show] our readiness [to help].
          20 [We are] trying to avoid this, lest anyone should find fault with us in this abundant gift that is being administered by us.
          21 For we are taking into consideration what is honorable not only before the Lord, but also before people.
          22 And we are sending with them our brother whom we have tested many times in many [things] that he is diligent, but now much more diligent [because of his] great confidence in you.
          23 If [there is a question] concerning Titus, [he is] my partner and fellow worker for you. If [there is a question concerning] our brothers, [they are] messengers of the churches, the glory of Christ.
          24 Therefore show to them the proof of your love and our boasting about you {openly before}c the churches.

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            • ¢ 8:24 - Literally "to the face of"