Acts 17:16-21 LEB

Paul in Athens

16 Now while Paul was waiting for them in Athens, his spirit was provoked within him [when he]a observed the city was full of idols.

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    • ̈ 17:16 - *Here "[when]" is supplied as a component of the participle ("observed") which is understood as temporal
      17 So he was discussing in the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing [Gentiles],b and in the marketplace every day with those who happened to be there.

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        • ̉ 17:17 - *Here the word "[Gentiles]" is not in the Greek text but is implied
          18 And even some of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers were conversing with him, and some were saying, "What does this babbler want to say?" But [others said],c "He appears to be a proclaimer of foreign deities," because he was proclaiming the good news [about] Jesus and the resurrection.

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            • ̊ 17:18 - *The words "[others said]" are not in the Greek text but are implied
              19 And they took hold of him [and]d brought [him]e to the Areopagus, saying, "May we learn what [is] this new teaching being proclaimed by you?

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                • ̋ 17:19 - *Here "[and]" is supplied because the previous participle ("took hold of") has been translated as a finite verb
                • ̌ 17:19 - *Here the direct object is supplied from context in the English translation
                  20 For you are bringing some astonishing things to our ears. Therefore we want to know what {these things mean}."f

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                    • ̍ 17:20 - Literally "these [things] want to be"
                      21 (Now all the Athenians and the foreigners who stayed there used to spend [their] time in nothing else than telling something or listening to something new.)