7 And I heard the man [who] was clothed in linen who [was] above the water of the stream, and he raised his right hand and his left hand to heaven and he swore {by the one who lives forever} that [an] appointed time, appointed times, and half [an appointed time] [would pass] when [the] shattering of {the power of the holy people} {would be completed}; [then] all these things will be accomplished.

References for Daniel 12:7

    • o 12:7 - Hebrew "from above"
    • p 12:7 - Or "river"
    • q 12:7 - Literally "by the life of the eternity"
    • r 12:7 - Literally "[the] power of [the] people of holiness"
    • s 12:7 - Literally "to come to an end"