1 "No man {with crushed testicles} or [whose] {male organ is cut off} may come into the assembly of Yahweh.

References for Deuteronomy 23:1

    • a 23:1 - Literally "bruised of crushing"
    • b 23:1 - Literally "cut off of male organ"
      2 An illegitimate child may not come into the assembly of Yahweh; even [to] the tenth generation none {of his descendants} may come into the assembly of Yahweh.

      References for Deuteronomy 23:2

        • c 23:2 - Literally "to him"
          3 An Ammonite or a Moabite may not come into the assembly of Yahweh; even [to] the tenth generation none {of his descendants} may come into the assembly of Yahweh {forever},

          References for Deuteronomy 23:3

            • d 23:3 - Literally "to him"
            • e 23:3 - Literally "until eternity"
              4 {because} they did not come to meet you with food and with water {when you came out of Egypt}, and [also] {because} they hired Balaam, son of Beor, from Pethor, in Aram Naharaim [to act] against you to curse you

              References for Deuteronomy 23:4

                • f 23:4 - Literally "because of the event when"
                • g 23:4 - Literally "at your going out of Egypt"
                • h 23:4 - Literally "because of the event when"
                • i 23:4 - Hebrew "he," but with plural meaning
                • j 23:4 - Or "Mesopotamia" = "between the rivers"
                  5 But Yahweh your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, and Yahweh your God turned the curse into a blessing for you, because Yahweh your God loved you.
                  6 You shall not promote their welfare or their prosperity all your days {forever}.

                  References for Deuteronomy 23:6

                    • k 23:6 - Literally "until eternity"
                      7 "You shall not abhor an Edomite, because he [is] your brother; you shall not abhor an Egyptian because you were an alien in his land.
                      8 The children [that] are born to them [in] the third generation may come {representing them} in the assembly of Yahweh.

                      References for Deuteronomy 23:8

                        • l 23:8 - Or "sons"
                        • m 23:8 - Literally "for them" or possibly "become members of"
                          9 "If you go out to encamp against your enemies, then you shall guard against [doing] anything evil.

                          References for Deuteronomy 23:9

                            • n 23:9 - Or "when"
                              10 "If [there] is among you a man that is not clean because of a seminal emission {during the night}, he shall go outside the camp; he shall not come within the camp.

                              References for Deuteronomy 23:10

                                • o 23:10 - Literally "of the night"
                                  11 {And then} toward the {coming} of the evening, he shall bathe with water, and at the going down of the sun, he may come to the midst of the camp.

                                  References for Deuteronomy 23:11

                                    • p 23:11 - Literally "And it will happen/come about that"
                                    • q 23:11 - Literally "turning"
                                    • r 23:11 - Hebrew "in" but this is instrumental use of this preposition
                                    • s 23:11 - The verb can mean "coming/going" and here it means "going"
                                      12 "And there shall be for you a designated place outside the camp; {and you shall go there to relieve yourself},

                                      References for Deuteronomy 23:12

                                        • t 23:12 - Literally "and you shall go out there, outside [to relieve yourself]"
                                          13 and a digging tool shall [be included] in addition to your [other] utensils for yourself; {and then} {when you relieve yourself} outside [the camp] you shall dig with it, and [then] you shall turn, and you shall cover your excrement.

                                          References for Deuteronomy 23:13

                                            • u 23:13 - Or "spade"
                                            • v 23:13 - Hebrew "utensil"
                                            • w 23:13 - Literally "and it will happen"
                                            • x 23:13 - Literally "at your sitting"
                                              14 For Yahweh your God [is] walking about in the midst of your camp to deliver you and {to hand your enemies over to you before you}, and so let your camp be holy, so that he shall not see in it {anything indecent}, and he shall turn away {from going with you}.

                                              References for Deuteronomy 23:14

                                                • y 23:14 - Literally "to give your enemies to the face of you"
                                                • z 23:14 - Literally "nakedness of a thing"
                                                • { 23:14 - Literally "from behind/after you"
                                                  15 "And you shall not hand over a slave to his master who has escaped [and fled] to you from his master.
                                                  16 He shall reside with you in your midst in the place that he chooses in one of {your towns wherever he pleases}; you shall not oppress him.

                                                  References for Deuteronomy 23:16

                                                    • | 23:16 - Literally "in your gates good for him"
                                                      17 "No woman {of Israel} shall be a temple prostitute, and no man {of Israel} shall be a male shrine prostitute.

                                                      References for Deuteronomy 23:17

                                                        • } 23:17 - Literally "from the daughters of Israel"
                                                        • ~ 23:17 - Literally "from the sons of Israel"
                                                          18 You may not bring the {hire} of a prostitute or {the earnings of a male prostitute} [into] the house of Yahweh your God, for any vow offerings, because {both} are a detestable thing to Yahweh your God.

                                                          References for Deuteronomy 23:18

                                                            •  23:18 - Literally "gift"
                                                            • € 23:18 - Literally "the earnings of a dog"
                                                            •  23:18 - Literally "both, the two of them"
                                                              19 "{You shall not charge your brother interest on money}, interest on food, or interest on anything that one could lend on interest

                                                              References for Deuteronomy 23:19

                                                                • ‚ 23:19 - Literally "You shall not lend on interest to your brother, interest of money"
                                                                • ƒ 23:19 - Hebrew "of"
                                                                • „ 23:19 - Hebrew "of"
                                                                • … 23:19 - Or "can lend"
                                                                  20 You may lend on interest to the foreigner, but to your countryman you may not lend on interest, so that Yahweh your God may bless you {in all your undertakings} in {the land where you are going}, {in order to take possession of it}.

                                                                  References for Deuteronomy 23:20

                                                                    • † 23:20 - Or "brother"
                                                                    • ‡ 23:20 - Literally "in all the sending[s] out of your hand"
                                                                    • ˆ 23:20 - Literally "the land that you [are] going there"
                                                                    • ‰ 23:20 - Literally "to take possession"
                                                                      21 "{When you make a vow} to Yahweh your God, you shall not postpone {fulfillment of it}, [for] certainly Yahweh your God shall require it from you and [if postponed] {you will incur guilt}.

                                                                      References for Deuteronomy 23:21

                                                                        • Š 23:21 - Literally "When/if you vow a vow"
                                                                        • ‹ 23:21 - Literally "to fulfill it"
                                                                        • Œ 23:21 - Literally "it shall become against you [as] sin"
                                                                          22 And {if you refrain from vowing}, {you shall not incur guilt}.

                                                                          References for Deuteronomy 23:22

                                                                            •  23:22 - Literally "if you refrain to make a vow"
                                                                            • Ž 23:22 - Literally "it shall not become against you [as] sin"
                                                                              23 The utterance of your lips {you must perform diligently} [just] as you have vowed freely to Yahweh your God whatever [it was] that you promised with your mouth.

                                                                              References for Deuteronomy 23:23

                                                                                •  23:23 - Literally "you must observe and you shall do"
                                                                                •  23:23 - Or "spoke"
                                                                                  24 "When you come into the vineyard of your neighbor, then you may eat grapes {as you please} and {until you are full}, but you shall not put [any] into your container.

                                                                                  References for Deuteronomy 23:24

                                                                                    • ‘ 23:24 - Or "If"
                                                                                    • ’ 23:24 - Literally "according to your desire"
                                                                                    • “ 23:24 - Literally "to your satiation"
                                                                                      25 "When you come into the standing grain of your neighbor, then you may pluck ears with your hand, but you may not {swing} a sickle among the standing grain of your neighbor."

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