Deuteronomy 6:11-21 LEB

11 and houses full of all [sorts] of good thingsa that you did not fill, and hewn cisterns that you did not hew, vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant, and {you have eaten your fill},b

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    • ƣ 6:11 - Hebrew "thing"
    • Ƥ 6:11 - Literally "you have eaten and you are satisfied"
      12 then take care for yourself, so that you [do] not forget Yahweh, who brought you out from the land of Egypt from the house of slavery.
      13 "You shall fear Yahweh your God, and you shall serve him, and by his name you shall swear.
      14 You shall not go after other gods from the gods of the peoples who [are] all around you,
      15 for Yahweh your God [is] a jealous god in your midst, {so that the anger of Yahweh your God would be kindled},c and he would destroy you from the face of the earth.

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        • ƥ 6:15 - Literally "so that not/lest the nose of Yahweh your God would become hot"
          16 You shall not put Yahweh your God to [the] test, as you tested [him] at Massah.
          17 You shall diligently keep the commandments of Yahweh your God and his legal provisions and his rules that he has commanded you.
          18 And you shall do [what is] right and good in the eyes of Yahweh, so that {it shall go well}d for you and [so that] you may go and you may take possession of the good land that Yahweh swore for your ancestors,e

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            • Ʀ 6:18 - Literally "he/it shall be good"
            • Ƨ 6:18 - Or "your fathers"
              19 by driving out all [of] your enemies {before you},f [just] as Yahweh {has promised}.g

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                • ƨ 6:19 - Literally "the face of you"
                • Ʃ 6:19 - Literally "had spoken"
                  20 "When your childh asks you in the future, {saying},i 'What [is the meaning of] the legal provisions and the rules and the regulations that Yahweh our God commanded for you?'

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                    • ƪ 6:20 - Or "son"
                    • ƫ 6:20 - Literally "to say"
                      21 Then you shall say to your child,j 'We were slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt, and Yahweh brought us out from Egypt with a strong hand.

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                        • Ƭ 6:21 - Or "son"