In this chapter Moses proceeds on in his exhortations to the people of
Israel, to attend to the commandments of God, that it might be well
with them, \\#De 6:1-3\\, and begins with a principal and fundamental
article of religion, which deserved their first and chief regard, the
unity of God, and the love of him, \\#De 6:4,5\\, which they were
carefully to instinct their children in, and ever to be mindful of
themselves, \\#De 6:6-9\\, and when they were come into the land of
Canaan, and into a plentiful enjoyment of all good things in it, they
are exhorted to be careful not to forget the Lord, their kind
benefactor; but to fear him, serve him, and not go after other gods,
since he is jealous of his honour and worship, \\#De 6:10-15\\
and not to tempt him, as they had done, but diligently keep, his
commandments, that it might be well with them in that land,
\\#De 6:16-19\\, and when their children inquired the reason and meaning
of such testimonies, statutes, and judgments, that were enjoined
them, they were to give them the history of their case in Egypt, their
deliverance from thence, the wonders that were wrought for them, and
the introduction of them into the good land of Canaan; and to let them
know that these commands were some of them in commemoration of these
blessings; and by these they were laid under obligation to regard them
all, and the rather, since they were not only for the glory of God, but
for their own good, \\#De 6:20-25\\.

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