Ezekiel 42 LEB

Description of Rooms for the Priests

1 And he brought me out to the outer courtyard {to the north},a and he brought me to the chamber which [was] opposite the courtyard and which [is] opposite the building to the north.

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    • ܚ 42:1 - Literally "[to] the way of the north"
      2 [As] tob [the] face of [the] length [of the building] [with] the doorway to the north, [it] [was] a hundred cubits,c and itsd width [was] fifty cubits.e

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        • ܛ 42:2 - Or "along the face of"
        • ܜ 42:2 - That is, 175 feet
        • ܝ 42:2 - Or "the"
        • ܞ 42:2 - That is, 87.5 feet
          3 Opposite the twenty [cubits] {of the inner courtyard},f and opposite [the] pavement that [was] to the outer courtyard [was] a gallery {facing}g a gallery in the three [stories].

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            • ܟ 42:3 - Literally "which [were] to the courtyard the inner"
            • ܠ 42:3 - Literally "to[ward] in the face/front of"
              4 And {in front of}h the chambers [was] a passageway ten cubitsi [in] width toward the inside, a walkway of one cubit,j and their doorways [were] to the north.

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                • ܡ 42:4 - Literally "to the face of"
                • ܢ 42:4 - That is, 17.5 feet
                • ܣ 42:4 - One cubit of 18-21 inches is problematic; LXX and Syriac read 100 cubits (175 feet) running the length of the building
                  5 And the upper chambers narrowed, for [the] galleries took away [space] from them more than [they took] from the lower [levels] and more than [they took] from the middle [level] [in the] building.
                  6 For theyk [were] three stories and {they had no pillars}l likem the pillars ofn the courtyards; therefore they were smaller than the lower [stories] and than the middle [stories] from the ground [up].

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                    • ܤ 42:6 - Or "there"
                    • ܥ 42:6 - Literally "there were not for them pillars"
                    • ܦ 42:6 - Or "as"
                    • ܧ 42:6 - Or "for"
                      7 And [there was] a wall that was to the outside {alongside}o the chambers [on] the walkway top the outer courtyardq {in front of}r the chambers; its length [was] fiftys cubits.t

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                        • ܨ 42:7 - Literally "to the outside to corresponding"
                        • ܩ 42:7 - Or "of"
                        • ܪ 42:7 - That is, "to the north"
                        • ܫ 42:7 - Literally "to in face of"
                        • ܬ 42:7 - That is, 87.5 feet
                        • ܭ 42:7 - Hebrew "cubit"
                          8 Foru the length of the chambers which [were] to the outer courtyard [was] fiftyv cubits,w and look!x [The chambers] on the front of the temple [were] a hundredy cubits.z

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                            • ܮ 42:8 - Or "while"
                            • ܯ 42:8 - Hebrew "cubit"
                            • ܰ 42:8 - That is, 87.5 feet
                            • ܱ 42:8 - Or "yet!"
                            • ܲ 42:8 - Hebrew "cubit"
                            • ܳ 42:8 - That is, 175 feet
                              9 And from under these chambers [was] the entrance{ from the east for them {when one enters}| from the outer courtyard.

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                                • ܴ 42:9 - Reading the Ketiv
                                • ܵ 42:9 - Literally "at/in his/its coming"
                                  10 All along the width of the wall of the courtyard {eastward}} in front of the courtyard to the front of the building [were] chambers.

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                                    • ܶ 42:10 - Literally "on the way of the east"
                                      11 And a walkway [was] {before them}~ like the appearance of the chambers which [were on] {the north}, [just] like [them in] their length, [and] so [was] their width and all their exits, and [they were built] like their arrangements and like their doorways,

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                                        • ܷ 42:11 - Literally "was to the face of them"
                                        • ܸ 42:11 - Literally "[were on] the way of the north"
                                          12 and like the doorways of the chambers which [were on] the way of the south [was] [a] doorway at the head of the way€ {before} the stone wall, projecting [on]‚ the way of the east at their coming.ƒ

                                          References for Ezekiel 42:12

                                            • ܹ 42:12 - Dropping one "way"
                                            • ܺ 42:12 - Or "protecting wall"
                                            • ܻ 42:12 - Or "toward"
                                            • ܼ 42:12 - That is, when people entered the complex
                                              13 And he said to me, "The chambers of the north [and] the chambers of the south which [are] {before}„ the courtyard, they {are the holy chambers}… in which the priests, who [are] near to Yahweh, will eat the {most holy objects}.† There they shall put the {most holy objects},‡ and the grain offering and the sin offering and the guilt offering, for the place [is] holy.

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                                                • ܽ 42:13 - Literally "to the front of"
                                                • ܾ 42:13 - Literally "[are] the chambers of the holiness"
                                                • ܿ 42:13 - Literally "holy objects of the holy objects"
                                                • ݀ 42:13 - Literally "holy objects of the holy objects"
                                                  14 {When the priests enter},ˆ then they shall not go out from the sanctuary to the outer courtyard; and there they must put‰ their garments in which they serve because they [are] holy. They must put on other garments and [then] they may approach [the area] that [is] for the people.

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                                                    • ݁ 42:14 - Literally "at coming their"
                                                    • ݂ 42:14 - Or "deposit/leave/remove"
                                                      15 And he completed the measurements of the inner temple, and he brought me [to] the walkway of the gate {that faces toward the east}Š and he measured it {all the way around}.‹

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                                                        • ݃ 42:15 - Literally "which its face [is to] the way of the east"
                                                        • ݄ 42:15 - Literally "all around, all around"
                                                          16 He measured the east side with the reedŒ for measuring, five hundred cubits,Ž with [respect to] reeds with the reed for measurement, [he measured it] all around.

                                                          References for Ezekiel 42:16

                                                            • ݅ 42:16 - Or "rod"
                                                            • ݆ 42:16 - Literally "of measuring"
                                                            • ݇ 42:16 - Hebrew has "reeds" here (= 5,250 feet), which is not correct; 500 cubits = 875 feet.
                                                              17 He measured the north side [as] five hundred [cubits], [with respect to] reeds with the reed for measurement all around.
                                                              18 [Then] he measured the south side [as] five hundred [cubits], [with respect to] reeds with the reed for measurement.
                                                              19 He went around the west side [and] he measured five hundred [cubits], [with respect to] reeds with the reed for measurement.

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                                                                • ݈ 42:19 - Or "side toward/to the sea"
                                                                  20 {Toward the four sides} he measured it; [there] [was] a wall for it {all the way around}.‘ [Its] length [was] five hundred [cubits]’ and [its] width [was] five hundred [cubits], in order to make [a] separation between what is holy and what is common.

                                                                  References for Ezekiel 42:20

                                                                    • ݉ 42:20 - Literally "toward the four winds"
                                                                    • ݊ 42:20 - Literally "all around, all around"
                                                                    • ݋ 42:20 - That is, 875 feet