Isaiah 61:1-6 LEB

The Year of Yahweh’s Favor

1 [The] Spirit of the Lord Yahweh [is] upon me, because Yahweh has anointed me, he has sent me to bring good news [to the] oppressed, to bind up {the brokenhearted},a to {proclaim}b release to [the] captives and liberation to those who are bound,

References for Isaiah 61:1

    • Ь 61:1 - Literally "those broken of heart"
    • Э 61:1 - Literally "call"
      2 to {proclaim}c [the] year of Yahweh's favor, and our God's day of vengeance, to comfort all those in mourning,

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        • Ю 61:2 - Literally "call"
          3 to {give}d for those in mourning in Zion, to give them a head wrap instead of ashes, [the] oil of joy instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of a faint spirit. And {they will be called}e oaks of righteousness, the planting of Yahweh, to show his glory.

          References for Isaiah 61:3

            • Я 61:3 - Literally "place"
            • а 61:3 - Literally "it will be called to them"
              4 And they shall build [the] ancient ruins, they shall erect [the] former deserted [places]. And they shall restore [the] {devastated cities},f [the] deserted [places] of {many generations}.g

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                • б 61:4 - Literally "cities of devastation"
                • в 61:4 - Literally "generation and generation"
                  5 And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks,h and {foreigners}i [shall be] your farmers and vinedressers.

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                    • г 61:5 - Hebrew "flock"
                    • д 61:5 - Literally "sons of a foreign country"
                      6 Butj you shall be called the priests of Yahweh, {you will be called}k servers of our God. You shall eat [the] wealth of [the] nations, and you shall boast in their riches.

                      References for Isaiah 61:6

                        • е 61:6 - Or "And"
                        • ж 61:6 - Literally "it shall be said of you"