Numbers 21:1-3 LEB

Arad Captured

1 The Canaanite king of Arad, who was dwelling [in] the Negev,a heard that Israel came [along] the way of Atharim; he fought against Israel and took some of them captive.

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    • ̓ 21:1 - An arid region south of the Judean hills
      2 Israel made a vow to Yahweh, and they said, "If you will surely give this people into ourb hand, then wec {will destroy}d their cities."

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        • ̔ 21:2 - Hebrew "my"
        • ̕ 21:2 - Hebrew "I"
        • ̖ 21:2 - Literally "devote to God"
          3 Yahweh heard the voice of Israel; he gave [to them] the Canaanites, and {they destroyed them}e and their cities. They called the name of the place Hormah.

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            • ̗ 21:3 - Literally "they devoted to God"