Leviticus 6:25-30 NIV

25 "Say to Aaron and his sons: 'These are the regulations for the sin offering:1 The sin offering is to be slaughtered before the LORD 2 in the place3 the burnt offering is slaughtered; it is most holy.

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26 The priest who offers it shall eat it; it is to be eaten in a holy place,4 in the courtyard5 of the Tent of Meeting.6

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      27 Whatever touches any of the flesh will become holy,7 and if any of the blood is spattered on a garment, you must wash it in a holy place.

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      28 The clay pot8 the meat is cooked in must be broken; but if it is cooked in a bronze pot, the pot is to be scoured and rinsed with water.

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      29 Any male in a priest's family may eat it;9 it is most holy.10

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          30 But any sin offering whose blood is brought into the Tent of Meeting to make atonement11 in the Holy Place12 must not be eaten; it must be burned.13

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