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New Testament Greek Lexicon - New American Standard

The New American Standard New Testament Greek Lexicon is based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary, plus others. It is keyed to the large Kittel and the "Theological Dictionary of the New Testament." These files are public domain.

uakinqinoß Huakinthinos uakinqoß Huakinthos ualinoß Hualinos ualoß Hualos ubriß Hubris ubristeß Hubristes ubrizo Hubrizo udor Hudor udria Hudria udropikoß Hudropikos udropoteo Hudropoteo uetoß Huetos ufantoß Huphantos ugiaino Hugiaino ugieß Hugies ugroß Hugros uioqesia Huiothesia uioß Huios ule Hule umaß Humas umeiß Humeis umenaioß Humenaios umeteroß Humeteros umin Humin umneo Humneo umnoß Humnos umon Humon upago Hupago upakoe Hupakoe upakouo Hupakouo upandroß Hupandros upantao Hupantao upantesiß Hupantesis uparco Huparcho uparconta Huparchonta uparxiß Huparxis upeco Hupecho upeiko Hupeiko upekooß Hupekoos upenantioß Hupenantios uper Huper uperairomai Huperairomai uperakmoß Huperakmos uperano Huperano uperauxano Huperauxano uperbaino Huperbaino uperballo Huperballo uperballontoß Huperballontos uperbole Huperbole upereco Huperecho uperefania Huperephania uperefanoß Huperephanos upereido Hupereido uperekcuno Huperekchuno uperekeina Huperekeina uperekteino Huperekteino uperentugcano Huperentugchano upereteo Hupereteo upereteß Huperetes uperfroneo Huperphroneo upernikao Hupernikao uperoce Huperoche uperogkoß Huperogkos uperoon Huperoon uperperisseuo Huperperisseuo uperperissoß Huperperissos uperpleonazo Huperpleonazo uperuyoo Huperupsoo upnoß Hupnos upo Hupo upoballo Hupoballo upocoreo Hupochoreo upodecomai Hupodechomai upodeigma Hupodeigma upodeiknumi Hupodeiknumi upodema Hupodema upodeo Hupodeo upodikoß Hupodikos upofero Hupophero upogrammoß Hupogrammos upokato Hupokato upokrinomai Hupokrinomai upokrisiß Hupokrisis upokriteß Hupokrites upolambano Hupolambano upoleipo Hupoleipo upolenion Hupolenion upolimpano Hupolimpano upomeno Hupomeno upomimnesko Hupomimnesko upomnesiß Hupomnesis upomone Hupomone uponoeo Huponoeo uponoia Huponoia upopiazo Hupopiazo upopleo Hupopleo upopneo Hupopneo upopodion Hupopodion upostasiß Hupostasis upostello Hupostello upostole Hupostole upostrefo Hupostrepho upostronnumi Hupostronnumi upotage Hupotage upotasso Hupotasso upotiqemi Hupotithemi upotreco Hupotrecho upotuposiß Hupotuposis upozonnumi Hupozonnumi upozugion Hupozugion  Hus ussopoß Hussopos usterema Husterema ustereo Hustereo usteresiß Husteresis usteron Husteron usteroß Husteros uyelofroneo Hupselophroneo uyeloß Hupselos uyistoß Hupsistos uyoma Hupsoma uyoo Hupsoo uyoß Hupsos xulinoß Xulinos xulon Xulon xurao Xurao