1 Samuel 11:9-15 MSG

9 Saul instructed the messengers, "Tell this to the folk in Jabesh Gilead: 'Help is on the way. Expect it by noon tomorrow.'"
10 sent word to Nahash: "Tomorrow we'll give ourselves up. You can deal with us on your terms."
11 Long before dawn the next day, Saul had strategically placed his army in three groups. At first light they broke into the enemy camp and slaughtered Ammonites until noon. Those who were left ran for their lives, scattering every which way.
12 The people came to Samuel then and said, "Where are those men who said, 'Saul is not fit to rule over us'? Hand them over. We'll kill them!"
13 But Saul said, "Nobody is going to be executed this day. This is the day God saved Israel!
14 Come, let's go to Gilgal and there reconsecrate the kingship."
15 They all trooped out to Gilgal. Before God, they crowned Saul king at Gilgal. And there they worshiped, sacrificing peace offerings. Saul and all Israel celebrated magnificently.