Jeremiah 48:1-7 MSG

1 The Message on Moab from God-of-the-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel: "Doom to Nebo! Leveled to the ground! Kiriathaim demeaned and defeated, The mighty fortress reduced to a molehill,
2 Moab's glory - dust and ashes. Conspirators plot Heshbon's doom: 'Come, let's wipe Moab off the map.' Dungface Dimon will loudly lament, as killing follows killing.
3 Listen! A cry out of Horonaim: 'Disaster - doom and more doom!'
4 Moab will be shattered. Her cries will be heard clear down in Zoar.
5 Up the ascent of Luhith climbers weep, And down the descent from Horonaim, cries of loss and devastation.
6 Oh, run for your lives! Get out while you can! Survive by your wits in the wild!
7 You trusted in thick walls and big money, yes? But it won't help you now. Your big god Chemosh will be hauled off, his priests and managers with him.