Jeremiah 48:42-47 MSG

42 There'll be nothing left of Moab, nothing at all, because of his defiant arrogance against me.
43 "Terror and pit and trap are what you have facing you, Moab." God's Decree.
44 "A man running in terror will fall into a trap. A man climbing out of a pit will be caught in a trap. This is my agenda for Moab on doomsday." God's Decree.
45 "On the outskirts of Heshbon, refugees will pull up short, worn out. Fire will flame high from Heshbon, a firestorm raging from the capital of Sihon's kingdom. It will burn off Moab's eyebrows, will scorch the skull of the braggarts.
46 That's all for you, Moab! You worshipers of Chemosh will be finished off! Your sons will be trucked off to prison camps; your daughters will be herded into exile.
47 But yet there's a day that's coming when I'll put things right in Moab. "For now, that's the judgment on Moab."