Matthew 22:18-28 MSG

18 Jesus knew they were up to no good. He said, "Why are you playing these games with me? Why are you trying to trap me?
19 Do you have a coin? Let me see it." They handed him a silver piece.
20 "This engraving - who does it look like? And whose name is on it?"
21 They said, "Caesar." "Then give Caesar what is his, and give God what is his."
22 The Pharisees were speechless. They went off shaking their heads.
23 That same day, Sadducees approached him. This is the party that denies any possibility of resurrection.
24 They asked, "Teacher, Moses said that if a man dies childless, his brother is obligated to marry his widow and get her with child.
25 Here's a case where there were seven brothers. The first brother married and died, leaving no child, and his wife passed to his brother.
26 The second brother also left her childless, then the third - and on and on, all seven.
27 Eventually the wife died.
28 Now here's our question: At the resurrection, whose wife is she? She was a wife to each of them."