Numbers 5:7-17 MSG

7 and must confess the sin. Full compensation plus twenty percent must be made to whoever was wronged.
8 If the wronged person has no close relative who can receive the compensation, the compensation belongs to God and must be given to the priest, along with the ram by which atonement is made.
9 All the sacred offerings that the People of Israel bring to a priest belong to the priest.
10 Each person's sacred offerings are his own, but what one gives to the priest stays with the priest."
11 God spoke to Moses:
12 "Tell the People of Israel, Say a man's wife goes off and has an affair, is unfaithful to him
13 by sleeping with another man, but her husband knows nothing about it even though she has defiled herself. And then, even though there was no witness and she wasn't caught in the act,
14 feelings of jealousy come over the husband and he suspects that his wife is impure. Even if she is innocent and his jealousy and suspicions are groundless,
15 he is to take his wife to the priest. He must also take an offering of two quarts of barley flour for her. He is to pour no oil on it or mix incense with it because it is a Grain-Offering for jealousy, a Grain-Offering for bringing the guilt out into the open.
16 "The priest then is to take her and have her stand in the presence of God.
17 He is to take some holy water in a pottery jar and put some dust from the floor of The Dwelling in the water.