9 1Jehoiachin was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned three months and ten days in Jerusalem, and he did evil in the sight of the LORD.

Captivity in Babylon Begun

10 2At the turn of the year King Nebuchadnezzar sent and brought him to Babylon with the valuable articles of the house of the LORD, and he made his kinsman 3Zedekiah king over Judah and Jerusalem.

Zedekiah Rules in Judah

12 He did evil in the sight of the LORD his God; 5he did not humble himself 6before * Jeremiah the prophet who spoke for the LORD.
13 7He also rebelled against King Nebuchadnezzar who had made him swear allegiance by God. But 8he stiffened his neck and hardened his heart against turning to the LORD God of Israel.
14 Furthermore, all the officials of the priests and the people were very unfaithful following all the abominations of the nations; and they defiled the house of the LORD which He had sanctified in Jerusalem.