Acts 21:23-33 NAS

23 "Therefore do this that we tell you. We have four men who a1are under * a vow;

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    • ɉ 21:23 - Lit "have a vow on them"
      24 take them and 2purify yourself along with them, and bpay their expenses so that they may 3shave their cheads; and all will know that there is nothing to the things which they have been told about you, but that you yourself also walk orderly, keeping the Law.

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        • Ɋ 21:24 - Lit "spend on them"
        • ɋ 21:24 - Lit "head"
          25 "But concerning the Gentiles who have believed, we wrote, 4having decided that they should abstain from dmeat sacrificed to idols and from blood and from what is strangled and from fornication."

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            • Ɍ 21:25 - Lit "the thing"
              26 Then Paul etook the men, and the next day, 5purifying himself along with them, 6went into the temple giving notice of the completion of the days of purification, until the sacrifice was offered for each one of them.

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                • ɍ 21:26 - Or "took the men the next day, and purifying himself"

                  Paul Seized in the Temple

                  27 When 7the seven days were almost over, 8the Jews from f9Asia, upon seeing him in the temple, began to stir up all the crowd and laid hands on him,

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                    • Ɏ 21:27 - I.e. west coast province of Asia Minor
                      28 crying out, "Men of Israel, come to our aid! 10This is the man who preaches to all men everywhere against our people and the Law and this place; and besides he has even brought Greeks into the temple and has 11defiled this holy place."

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                      29 For they had previously seen 12Trophimus the 13Ephesian in the city with him, and they supposed that Paul had brought him into the temple.

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                      30 Then all the city was provoked, and gthe people rushed together, and taking hold of Paul they 14dragged him out of the temple, and immediately the doors were shut.

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                        • ɏ 21:30 - Lit "a running together of the people occurred"
                          31 While they were seeking to kill him, a report came up to the hcommander of the 15Roman icohort that all Jerusalem was in confusion.

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                            • ɐ 21:31 - I.e. chiliarch, in command of one thousand troops
                            • ɑ 21:31 - Or "battalion"
                              32 At once he 16took along some soldiers and centurions and ran down to them; and when they saw the jcommander and the soldiers, they stopped beating Paul.

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                                • ɒ 21:32 - V 31, note 1
                                  33 Then the kcommander came up and took hold of him, and ordered him to be 17bound with 18two chains; and he began asking who he was and what he had done.

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