Exodus 27:15-21 NAS

15 "And for the aother bside shall be hangings of fifteen * cubits with their three pillars and their three csockets.

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      16 "For the gate of the court there shall be a screen of twenty cubits, of dblue and purple and scarlet material and fine twisted linen, the work of a eweaver, with their four pillars and their four fsockets.

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        • ˚ 27:16 - Or "violet"
        • ˛ 27:16 - Lit "variegator;" i.e. a weaver in colors
        • ˜ 27:16 - Or "bases"
          17 "All the pillars around the court shall be furnished with silver bands with their hooks of silver and their gsockets of bronze.

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              18 "The length of the court shall be one hundred cubits, and the width fifty throughout, and the height five cubits of fine twisted linen, and their hsockets of bronze.

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                  19 "All the utensils of the tabernacle used in all its service, and all its pegs, and all the pegs of the court, shall be of bronze.
                  20 "You shall charge the sons of Israel, that they bring you 1clear oil of beaten olives for the ilight, to make a lamp jburn continually.

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                    • ˟ 27:20 - Or "luminary"
                    • ˠ 27:20 - Lit "ascend"
                      21 "In the 2tent of meeting, outside * 3the veil which is before the testimony, 4Aaron and his sons shall keep it in order from evening to morning before the LORD; it shall be a perpetual 5statute throughout their generations kfor the sons of Israel.

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