6 Then they took Jeremiah and cast him into the 1cistern of Malchijah the king's son, which was in the court of the guardhouse; and they let Jeremiah down with ropes. Now in the cistern there was no water but only 2mud, and Jeremiah sank into the mud.
7 But 3Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, a 4eunuch, while he was in the king's palace, heard that they had put Jeremiah into the cistern. Now the king was sitting in the 5Gate of Benjamin;
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8 and Ebed-melech went out from the king's palace and spoke to the king, saying,
9 "My lord the king, these men have acted wickedly in all that they have done to Jeremiah the prophet whom they have cast into the cistern; and he will die right where he is because * of the famine, for there is 6no more bread in the city."
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    • e 38:9 - M.T. reads "has died"
      10 Then the king commanded Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, saying, "Take thirty men from here under your authority and bring up Jeremiah the prophet from the cistern before he dies."
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        • f 38:10 - Lit "in your hand"
          11 So Ebed-melech took the men under his authority and went into the king's palace to a place beneath the storeroom and took from there worn-out clothes and worn-out rags and let them down by ropes into the cistern to Jeremiah.
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              13 So they pulled Jeremiah up with the ropes and lifted him out of the cistern, and Jeremiah stayed in the 7court of the guardhouse.