Job 19:22-29 NAS

22 "Why do you 1persecute me as God does, And are not satisfied with my flesh?

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Job Says, ``My Redeemer Lives"

23 "Oh * that my words were written! Oh * that they were 2inscribed in a book!

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24 "That with an iron stylus and lead They were engraved in the rock forever!
25 "As for me, I know that 3my aRedeemer lives, And bat the last He will take His stand on the cearth.

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    • Ħ 19:25 - Or "Vindicator, defender;" lit "kinsman"
    • ħ 19:25 - Or "as the Last"
    • Ĩ 19:25 - Lit "dust"
      26 "Even after my skin dis destroyed, Yet from my flesh I shall 4see God;

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        • ĩ 19:26 - Lit "which they have cut off"
          27 Whom I emyself shall behold, And whom my eyes will see and not another. My fheart 5faints gwithin me!

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            • Ī 19:27 - Or "on my side"
            • ī 19:27 - Lit "kidneys"
            • Ĭ 19:27 - Lit "in my loins"
              28 "If you say, 'How shall we 6persecute him?' And 'hWhat pretext for a case against him can we find?'

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                • ĭ 19:28 - Or "the root of the matter is found in him"
                  29 "Then be afraid of 7the sword for yourselves, For wrath brings the punishment of the sword, So that you may know 8there is judgment."

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