Job 31:22-32 NAS

22 Let my shoulder fall from the asocket, And my 1arm be broken off bat the elbow.

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    • Dž 31:22 - Lit "shoulder;" or "back"
    • dž 31:22 - Lit "from the bone of the upper arm"
      23 "For 2calamity from God is a terror to me, And because of 3His cmajesty I can do nothing.

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        • LJ 31:23 - Lit "exaltation"
          24 "If I have put my confidence in 4gold, And called fine gold my trust,

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          25 If I have 5gloated because my wealth was great, And because my hand had secured so much;

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          26 If I have 6looked at the dsun when it shone Or the moon going in splendor,

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          27 And my heart became secretly enticed, And my hand ethrew a kiss from my mouth,

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            • lj 31:27 - Lit "kissed my mouth"
              28 That too would have been 7an iniquity calling for fjudgment, For I would have 8denied God above *.

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              29 "Have I 9rejoiced at the extinction of my enemy, Or gexulted when evil befell him?

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                • Nj 31:29 - Lit "lifted myself up"
                  30 "hNo, 10I have not iallowed my mouth to sin By asking for his life in 11a curse.

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                    • nj 31:30 - Lit "And"
                    • Ǎ 31:30 - Lit "given my palate"
                      31 "Have the men of my tent not said, 'Who can jfind one who has not been 12satisfied with his meat '?

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                      32 "The alien has not lodged outside, For I have opened my doors to the ktraveler.

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