6 '1Do not speak out,' so they speak out. But if they do 2not speak out concerning these things, 3Reproaches will not be turned back.
7 "Is it being said, O house of Jacob: 'Is the Spirit of the LORD 4impatient? Are these His doings?' Do not My words 5do good To the one 6walking uprightly?
8 "Recently My people have arisen as an 7enemy - You 8strip the robe * off the garment From 9unsuspecting passers-by, From those returned from war.
9 "The women of My people you 10evict, Each one from her pleasant house. From her children you take My 11splendor forever.
11 "If a man walking after wind and 14falsehood Had told lies and said, 'I will speak out to you concerning 15wine and liquor,' He would be spokesman to 16this people.