In this chapter complaint is made of the sins of the people of Israel,
and they are threatened with punishment for them. The sins they are
charged with are covetousness, oppression, and injustice, which were
premeditated, and done deliberately, \\#Mic 2:1,2\\; therefore the Lord
devised evil against them, they should not escape; and which would
bring down their pride, and cause them to take up a lamentation,
because they should not enjoy the portion of land that belonged to
them, \\#Mic 2:3-5\\; they are further charged with opposing the prophets
of the Lord, the folly and wickedness of which is exposed, \\#Mic 2:6,7\\;
and with great inhumanity and barbarity, even to women and children,
\\#Mic 2:8,9\\; and therefore are ordered to expect and prepare for a
removal out of their land, \\#Mic 2:10\\; and the rather, since they gave
encouragement and heed to false prophets, and delighted in them,
\\#Mic 2:11\\; and the chapter is concluded with words of comfort to the
remnant among them, and with precious promises of the Messiah, and the
blessings of grace by him, \\#Mic 2:12,13\\.