10 My son, if sinners 1entice you, 2Do not consent.
11 If they say, "Come with us, Let us 3lie in wait for blood, Let us 4ambush the innocent without cause;
12 Let us 5swallow them alive like Sheol, Even whole, as those who 6go down to the pit;
13 We will find all kinds of precious wealth, We will fill our houses with spoil;
14 Throw in your lot awith us, We shall all have one purse,"
15 My son, 7do not walk in the way with them. 8Keep your feet from their path,
16 For 9their feet run to evil And they hasten to shed blood.
17 Indeed, it is buseless to spread the baited net In the sight of any cbird *;
18 But they 10lie in wait for their own blood; They ambush their own lives.
19 So are the ways of everyone who 11gains by violence; It takes away the life of its possessors.