12 From the beginning, our Temple has been honored as a glorious throne for God.
13 Lord, hope of Israel, those who leave you will be shamed. People who quit following the Lord will be like a name written in the dust, because they have left the Lord, the spring of living water.
14 Lord, heal me, and I will truly be healed. Save me, and I will truly be saved. You are the one I praise.
15 The people of Judah keep asking me, "Where is the word from the Lord? Let's see that message come true!"
16 Lord, I didn't run away from being the shepherd you wanted. I didn't want the terrible day to come. You know everything I have said; you see all that is happening.
17 Don't be a terror to me. I run to you for safety in times of trouble.
18 Make those who are hurting me be ashamed, but don't bring shame to me. Let them be terrified, but keep me from terror. Bring the day of disaster on my enemies. Destroy them, and destroy them again.