Lamentations 5:7-17 NCV

7 Our ancestors sinned against you, but they are gone; now we suffer because of their sins.
8 Slaves have become our rulers, and no one can save us from them.
9 We risk our lives to get our food; we face death in the desert.
10 Our skin is hot like an oven; we burn with starvation.
11 The enemy abused the women of Jerusalem and the girls in the cities of Judah.
12 Princes were hung by the hands; they did not respect our older leaders.
13 The young men ground grain at the mill, and boys stumbled under loads of wood.
14 The older leaders no longer sit at the city gates; the young men no longer sing.
15 We have no more joy in our hearts; our dancing has turned to sadness.
16 The crown has fallen from our head. How terrible it is because we sinned.
17 Because of this we are afraid, and now our eyes are dim.