1 "Priests, this command is for you.
2 Listen to me. Pay attention to what I say. Honor my name," says the Lord All-Powerful. "If you don't, I will send a curse on you and on your blessings. I have already cursed them, because you don't pay attention to what I say.
3 "I will punish your descendants. I will smear your faces with the animal insides left from your feasts, and you will be thrown away with it.
4 Then you will know that I am giving you this command so my agreement with Levi will continue," says the Lord All-Powerful.
5 "My agreement for priests was with the tribe of Levi. I promised them life and peace so they would honor me. And they did honor me and fear me.
6 They taught the true teachings and spoke no lies. With peace and honesty they did what I said they should do, and they kept many people from sinning.
7 "A priest should teach what he knows, and people should learn the teachings from him, because he is the messenger of the Lord All-Powerful.
8 But you priests have stopped obeying me. With your teachings you have caused many people to do wrong. You have broken the agreement with the tribe of Levi!" says the Lord All-Powerful.
9 "You have not been careful to do what I say, but instead you take sides in court cases. So I have caused you to be hated and disgraced in front of everybody."