Matthew 22:18-28 NCV

18 But knowing that these leaders were trying to trick him, Jesus said, "You hypocrites! Why are you trying to trap me?
19 Show me a coin used for paying the tax." So the men showed him a coin.
20 Then Jesus asked, "Whose image and name are on the coin?"
21 The men answered, "Caesar's." Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and give to God the things that are God's."
22 When the men heard what Jesus said, they were amazed and left him and went away.
23 That same day some Sadducees came to Jesus and asked him a question. (Sadducees believed that people would not rise from the dead.)
24 They said, "Teacher, Moses said if a married man dies without having children, his brother must marry the widow and have children for him.
25 Once there were seven brothers among us. The first one married and died. Since he had no children, his brother married the widow.
26 Then the second brother also died. The same thing happened to the third brother and all the other brothers.
27 Finally, the woman died.
28 Since all seven men had married her, when people rise from the dead, whose wife will she be?"