Numbers 30:10-16 NCV

10 "If a woman makes a promise or pledge while she is married,
11 and if her husband hears about it but says nothing and does not stop her, she must keep her promise or pledge.
12 But if her husband hears about it and cancels it, she does not have to do what she said. Her husband has canceled it, so the Lord will free her from it.
13 A woman's husband may make her keep or cancel any promise or pledge she has made.
14 If he says nothing to her about it for several days, she must keep her promises. If he hears about them and says nothing, she must keep her promises.
15 But if he cancels them long after he heard about them, he is responsible if she breaks her promise."
16 These are commands that the Lord gave to Moses for husbands and wives, and for fathers with daughters living at home.