Romans 3:5-15 NCV

5 When we do wrong, that shows more clearly that God is right. So can we say that God is wrong to punish us? (I am talking as people might talk.)
6 No! If God could not punish us, he could not judge the world.
7 A person might say, "When I lie, it really gives him glory, because my lie shows God's truth. So why am I judged a sinner?"
8 It would be the same to say, "We should do evil so that good will come." Some people find fault with us and say we teach this, but they are wrong and deserve the punishment they will receive.
9 So are we Jews better than others? No! We have already said that Jews and those who are not Jews are all guilty of sin.
10 As the Scriptures say: "There is no one who always does what is right, not even one.
11 There is no one who understands. There is no one who looks to God for help.
12 All have turned away. Together, everyone has become useless. There is no one who does anything good; there is not even one."
13 "Their throats are like open graves; they use their tongues for telling lies." "Their words are like snake poison."
14 "Their mouths are full of cursing and hate."
15 "They are always ready to kill people.