Song of Solomon 8:8-14 NCV

8 We have a little sister, and her breasts are not yet grown. What should we do for our sister on the day she becomes engaged?
9 If she is a wall, we will put silver towers on her. If she is a door, we will protect her with cedar boards.
10 I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers. So I was to him, as one who brings happiness.
11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon. He rented the vineyards for others to tend, and everyone who rented had to pay twenty-five pounds of silver for the fruit.
12 But my own vineyard is mine to give. Solomon, the twenty-five pounds of silver are for you, and five pounds are for those who tend the fruit.
13 You who live in the gardens, my friends are listening for your voice; let me hear it.
14 Hurry, my lover, be like a gazelle or a young deer on the mountains where spices grow.