This chapter begins with an ardent wish of the church for a free and
intimate converse with Christ; declaring what she would do to him, and
for him, should she have such an interview with him, \\#So 8:1,2\\; what
familiarity should be between them, \\#So 8:3\\; charging the daughters
of Jerusalem not to give him any disturbance, \\#So 8:4\\. Upon which
they inquire who she was that was in such a posture they saw her in,
\\#So 8:5\\; when the church, instead of giving them an answer, says
some things concerning her beloved, on whom they saw her leaning; and
makes some requests to him for more nearness to him, and manifestations
of his love to her; urged from the strength her love and affections to
him, which was invincible, \\#So 8:6,7\\. Next follows a speech of the
church about her little sister; expressing a concern for her, and what
she would do to her and with her, \\#So 8:8,9\\; and the answer of the
little sister, declaring what she, was, and what she enjoyed, \\#So 8:10\\;
then the words of the church again, concerning her husband's vineyard;
the place, keepers, and profit of it, \\#So 8:11,12\\. And the chapter,
and with it the Song, is concluded with a request of Christ to the
church, that he might hear her voice, \\#So 8:13\\; and with a petition
of hers to him, that he would come quickly to her, \\#So 8:14\\.