Ephesians 5:6-16 NIRV

6 Don't let anyone fool you with words that don't mean anything. Because of things like that, God is angry with those who don't obey.
7 So don't go along with people like that.
8 At one time you were in the dark. But now you are in the light because of what the Lord has done. Live like children of the light.
9 The light produces what is completely good, right and true.
10 Find out what pleases the Lord.
11 Have nothing to do with the acts of darkness. They don't produce anything good. Show what they are really like.
12 It is shameful even to talk about what people who don't obey do in secret.
13 But everything the light shines on can be seen.
14 Light makes everything clear. That is why it is said, "Wake up, sleeper. Rise from the dead. Then Christ will shine on you."
15 So be very careful how you live. Do not live like people who aren't wise. Live like people who are wise.
16 Make the most of every opportunity. The days are evil.