Ezekiel 4:1-6 NIRV

An Attack on Jerusalem Is Pictured

1 "Son of man, get a clay tablet. Put it in front of you. Draw the city of Jerusalem on it.

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      2 Then pretend to surround it and attack it. Make some little models of war machines. Build a ramp up to it. Set camps up around it. Surround it with models of logs to be used for knocking down its gates.
      3 Then get an iron pan. Put it between you and the city. Pretend it is an iron wall. Turn your face toward the city. It will be under attack when you begin to attack it. That will show the people of Israel what is going to happen to Jerusalem.
      4 "Next, lie down on your left side. Pretend that you are putting Israel's sin on yourself. Keep their sin on you for the number of days you lie on your side.
      5 Let each day you lie there stand for one year of their sin. So you will keep Israel's sin on you for 390 days.
      6 "After you have finished that, lie down again. This time lie on your right side. Pretend that you are putting Judah's sin on yourself. Lie there for 40 days. That is one day for each year of their sin.