Genesis 25:12-18 NIRV

The Sons of Ishmael

12 Here is the story of Abraham's son Ishmael. Hagar had Ishmael by Abraham. She was Sarah's servant from Egypt.

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      13 Here are the names of the sons of Ishmael. They are listed in the order they were born. Nebaioth was Ishmael's oldest son. Then came Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam,
      14 Mishma, Dumah, Massa,
      15 Hadad, Tema, Jetur, Naphish and Kedemah.
      16 All of them were Ishmael's sons. They were rulers of 12 tribes. They all lived in their own settlements and camps.
      17 Ishmael lived a total of 137 years. Then he took his last breath and died. He joined the members of his family who had already died.
      18 His children settled in the area between Havilah and Shur. It was near the eastern border of Egypt, as you go toward Asshur. Ishmael's children weren't friendly toward any of the tribes that were related to them.